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What can we say about Europe? WE LOVE IT!!!

Either Europe on your own or Europe by tour offers great vacation dollar values. We have a wide range of touring companies that offer incredible packages. They set their prices at the beginning of the year and have 3 basic seasons:

  • High season
  • Shoulder season
  • Low season

All based on the time of the year you travel. High season to Europe is summer and when you will find the most tourists and the longest lines. It is also when the weather is the finest and all the tourist attractions are open. If you decide to take advantage of the lower prices offered during the "off seasons" be sure and check to see if the attraction you want to see the most is open when you're going to be there.

We haven't listed all the tours that are offered because we are representatives of all the major tour operators and every tour they offer!! We are listing some of more popular tours but have many many more. If you don't see it here we can email you intineraries on your destination of choice.

If you are travelling independantly of a tour you need to know to purchase your Eurail passes BEFORE you leave for Europe. You must buy them stateside as they are a travel value not offered to Europeans. Call us for your Eurail information: 1-800-905-4131

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